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There are so many beautiful aspects to Celeste’s wedding dress which she wears for her wedding ceremony held in a veritable heaven on earth, South Lake Tahoe. Celeste expressed her desire to have a dress that would suit this romantic location and have something dramatic, with the feel of a ball gown, but without the added weight. We decided on a gown that featured a lace corset with a network of boning that accentuated her figure. The corset top was enhanced by adding a belt with 3 lovely little organza flowers on the side. As for the skirt, we introduced the use of multiple layered of sheer shimmering organza that added the volume but kept it light and airy.

Celeste had an additional request. She had planned a wedding reception in Malaysia and wanted a fresh new look. Could we work around those ever-present budget constraints? Of course! Our solution was to design a bridal gown that has “dual-looks”. Enhance the lace corset with detachable features and match it with a silk satin mermaid skirt and voila – a completely different look! We will feature this second look in Part 2 of this series. Check back soon!


Jeff and Celeste wedding in Lake Tahoe

Celeste in her multiple layered organza wedding dress

Celeste in her wedding dress with French lace corset

Celeste in her multiple tiers organza ball gown

Celeste and Jeff with their ring bearers in Lake Tahoe wedding

Celeste and Jeff wedding portrait showing their silhouette against evening sky

Photographer: Brandi

Photographer website: http://indigophotography.net/

Wedding Dress chiffon sweet heart neckline, Edah

Wedding dress silk satin, Edah

Wedding Dress silk satin fit-and-flare, Edah

Wedding Dress chiffon pleated sweet heart neckline, Edah

Bride & Groom : Edah & Yau Chung
Wedding Dress Designer: Chiffon & Lace
Wedding Dress Description: A strapless silk satin mermaid wedding gown with sweetheart neckline.  The chiffon pleats accentuate the bustier; while detachable chiffon train with ribbon & flowers highlight the back of the bridal gown.
Location: Tenggiri, Bangsar, Malaysia
Photographer: Jenny Sun

The stunning wedding pictures were taken by Jenny Sun, an amazingly talented photographer known for her simple yet expressive style. As the daughter of an avid travel photographer and a professional in the design industry, creative images have been an integral part of her life for as long as she can remember.

Jenny first began her foray into the field in 2000, where she dabbled in black-and-white film, touching myriad subjects – still lifes, landscapes, architecture – before being lured (charmed, one might say) by weddings and the people who attend them.

“There is just something magically arresting about catching people, their expressions, their emotions, within the frame. I love the buzz of being there to seize those moments that they will remember and want to keep for the rest of their lives. My philosophy is that the best photos should inspire you, move you, and rock your senses! They should speak volumes about you, and showcase all the nuances that make your love story unique.”

Jenny is ever-ready and waiting to capture the most candid and intimate moments of the lovebirds’ day. Her unobtrusive approach, coupled with an almost obsessive need for detail, means that all the couple has to do is to kick-back and have fun!

It is this fresh and honest approach to her work, seeing the world through her romance-tinted lenses, that has won the hearts of many couples spanning the globe. She is well-traveled, her clientele spanning both East and West.

Chiffon & Lace got together with Jenny Sun to give her a short interview about her work.


C&L: Is there a place where you would love to shoot a wedding but haven’t yet?

Jenny: Oh, so many! I would love to shoot on a real rustic farm with horses! And somewhere in Canada, Switzerland, or New Zealand where there are mountains, lakes and meadows all in one area! :D

C&L: What can a bride do to prepare for their photo shoot?

Jenny: Choose a visual theme and communicate that with the photographer from the start through to the finish before the shoot :) Then research research research on images and things that will make that visual theme come to life! :) It’s amazing what ideas can come out through the research process, and how much your photographer can help advise what will or will not work.

C&L: Any advice for the couple on how to select a photographer who best suits them?

Jenny: Choose a photographer whos work you really LOVE (not just like or think is okay), and who you connect with on a personal level. That connection is really important as the better the chemistry between photographer and client, the better the photos turn out. It has ALWAYS been the case from my experience :)


Thank you Jenny Sun, for a fascinating interview and for sharing your beautiful images. To find out more about Jenny and her work, visit http://www.jennysunphotography.com.


Wedding Dress detachable bow flower embellishment, Edah


A big thank you to Edah, our beautiful bride, and her husband. Wishing all the happiness in the world as both of you embark on your shared journey.


Chiffon & Lace is launching a brand new line of bridal gown, the Diamond Collection, available exclusively at our new showroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This collection features exquisite wedding gown designs incorporating a touch of modern Asian element and astonishing vintage fashion. It’s a little more dazzling, a little more ruffles and a little more sensual. It’s a little more us.

Chiffon & Lace New Wedding Dress Collection Promotion Brochure

For more details about the wedding dresses and the full size pictures, see our collections page. We can’t wait to meet you in person, but please set up an appointment through our website Contact Page for your personalized fitting and consultation session. So leave your man at home, grab a friend and come play dress up. It’ll be a blast. See you soon!

Bridal gown is an item which intimately portrays the brides’ inner self. We have to start somewhere when designing our wedding dress. Therefore, we have drawn up a few personality archetypes from which we derive our inspiration for our wedding dress. Let us introduce you to the Minimalist, the Romanticist, the Traditionalist and the Modernist.

The Minimalist has a strong and magnetic character, brimming with confidence. Therefore, her wedding dress is the simplest of all wedding dresses – subdued and with little embellishment, better to emphasize her innate charm and sensuality.

Wedding Dress for minimalist bride

The Romanticist is the lady behind the mirror – the main character of an epic love story. Dressed in a crinoline bridal gown with delicate embellishment such as flowers, ribbons and crystals, this is her fairy-tale come true. And everybody (especially her!) lives happily ever after.

Wedding Dress for romanticist bride

The wedding dress for the Traditionalist is one of timeless style, defined by the woven intricacies of lace, a material used with great effectiveness throughout the ages. Its demure web enhancing the character of the bridal gown and the bride.

Wedding Dress for traditionalist bride

The Modernist is the epitome of contemporary sophistication – she wants a wedding dress that has that WOW factor. She seeks wedding dress designs that are bold and unique, maybe even a bit avant-garde – better to be at the center of attention.

Wedding Dress for modernist bride


Of course, we can’t simply reduce everybody to just these four archetypes. Every bride out there is unique, each with their own wonderful personalities (and idiosyncracies too!). Every consultation session is a discovery for us. Stay tuned for more wedding gown designs as we strive ever close to that Perfect Fit.

You’ve met our brand name: Chiffon & Lace – which we personally love very much :)

It’s something close to our hearts. Chiffon and lace are wedding gown materials which are highly sought-after in the wedding scene. Of course there are other fabrics commonly used in the bridal fashion industry, such as satin, silk, taffeta, tulle, organza, the list goes on..

The Chiffon & Lace name originated from an animated discussion we had in a Sunway cafe during one cool evening in 2008.

Back then, we had tried a lot of combination. They all didn’t sound quite right. That is, until we put those two materials together: Chiffon & Lace – it sounded feminine, it sounded catchy, and the words just slide off your tongue. Most importantly, it was memorable. A brand of wedding gown was born :D

Now let’s deconstruct the brand name and learn a bit more about the materials which inspired the brand and our wedding gown designs.

What is Chiffon?

Chiffon is a sheer fabric made with silk or rayon. It is a very versatile material that creates stunning bridal gowns which accentuates the natural curves of the bride. Nothing is more wonderful than the gentle undulation of chiffon in a soft breeze as the bride glides gracefully down the aisle. The nature of Chiffon is light-weight and sheer, making it an ideal choice for a wedding dress in tropical countries such as Malaysia. Chiffon gowns also travel very well – they are easy to steam and any wrinkles from packing can be removed by simply hanging them.

Sheer and soft chiffon

Photo courtesy of Danny Chew Photography

What is Lace?

Lace is a delicate fabric which complements the femininity of the wedding gown. There is a large selection of lace in the market – French lace, Alanson lace, organza lace, Venice lace and so on. Lace on a gown portrays a classy look, bordering on the antique. Not to be overused, careful application of lace and its myriad intricate patterns will impart shine to the wedding gown and its wearer.

Lace with intricate patterns

Photo courtesy of Danny Chew Photography

And now, back to our brand…

The Chiffon & Lace brand embodies the qualities of the materials which inspired the name, and a whole lot more. We don’t compromise on quality. That’s our guarantee :)

Chiffon & Lace Penang Showroom Display

Photo courtesy of Danny Chew Photography

We have reached a new milestone in Sept 2009 with the launch of the Chiffon & Lace wedding gown showroom in Penang, together with the Whizarts Wedding Photography boutique studio.

The addition of the Chiffon & Lace wedding dress collection as part of the Whizarts boutique studio brings our customers unparalleled convenience by having several wedding vendors all under one roof – wedding gowns (that’s us!), wedding stationery, wedding photography and photo booth.

We have done up the place – simple, modern and elegant. The facilities include a fitting room and a comfortable waiting area (for all you impatient future husbands).

Address to Our Penang Showroom:
35, Lembah Lebuh Permai 1,
11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia
(at the new 32 Permai business area)

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 11.00 am – 7.00 pm
Weekends – By appointment only.

We are always very pleased to meet you in person. You can arrange an appointment with us via our website Contact Page. Be sure to check in with us often. Our new bridal gown collection will be released soon.

Fitting room.

Chiffon & Lace Penang Showroom Fitting Room

Photo courtesy of Danny Chew Photography

Few would realize this, but this is actually our price tag of our wedding gown :)

Chiffon & Lace Price Tag Design

Photo courtesy of Danny Chew Photography

Waiting area.

Chiffon & Lace Penang Showroom Waiting Area

Photo courtesy of Danny Chew Photography

Chiffon & Lace Penang Showroom Signage

Photo courtesy of Danny Chew Photography

Welcome to the first ever blog post for Chiffon & Lace wedding gown. We are very excited and pleased to meet you :) In this space, we will be introducing ourselves, who we are, what we do and our inspiration behind Chiffon & Lace wedding gown designs.

Our guiding principle is simply stated: Every bride deserves a wedding dress which is made to reflect her personality and bring out her best. We design, customize and made-to-measure fashionable bridal wear for brides in Malaysia and Singapore.

We guide customers to select the best design, embellishments, and material to match the bride’s individual appeal and dream wedding concept.

Remember, for that special day: it isn’t just any bridal gown, it is THE GOWN. And that’s what we’re here for :)

Stay tuned for more informative and sometimes offbeat articles on our thoughts and ideas as we give you… the perfect fit.

We are open for feedback and we would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your comments in our blog.